Try This Healthy, Luxurious Fine Food Today: Hundred Acre’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Liquid Gold In The Foothills Of Northern California’s Gold Country

As many of you may know, for the past decade I have actively been working with my parents to help build up the family olive oil business on their property in the golden foothills of Northern California. Yes, that’s right. I love working for our family-owned and operated boutique business: Hundred Acre Olive Oil (HAOO)!

So, I wanted to provide a little shout-out to HAOO today! 🙂

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)? Well, it is made by the process of crushing and then pressing the olives to produce an oil. Olive Oils are characterized by their acidity. “Virgin” olive oil can contain as much as 2% free fatty acids, where as “Extra” virgin olive oil has less then .8%. Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers the most refined flavor, and contains the most antioxidants which are a huge health benefit. With unfilited Extra Virgin Olive Oil you will see sediment in the bottles, which adds extra flavor to your oil. Try using Hundred Acre Olive Oil in place of butter or margarine for a healthier and better tasting meal.

We have planted, nurtured and harvest by hand the 500+ olive trees on the property. A perfect pairing to our EVOO, is our red wine vinegar. Additionally, we nurture & harvest on the property our sticky sweet gold: Heidi’s Honey.

Support A Local, Family-Owned Farm…

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