Time To Save Your Hard Earned Dollars… It’s America Saves Week!

‘Tis The Week To JumpStart Your Savings

It’s that time of the year again… February 22-26th is America Saves Week (ASW)!

We have partnered with this great organization and hope that you will join us as we explore throughout the week how to create and build your savings. Take the savings pledge online today!

Set A Goal & Make A Plan To Save

Our focus this week is all about setting a goal and making a plan to save for your goal. You can do this from anywhere in the world -this is by no means inclusive to just the United States.

We Provide Encouragement & A Lending Ear

We realize that it can be tough to set a goal and start saving for it (trust us, we run into that conundrum all of the time… it’s so easy to want to purchase things right in the here and now and simply throw that purchase on the credit card to deal with later). Sometimes, all we need is a little encouragement to jumpstart our goal and an ear to listen to as we voice our worries, concerns and difficulties in saving towards that goal.

We Believe You Can Save! You’ve Got This!

We are here for you! We are your cheering you on. You can count on us to encourage you on as you work towards achieving your savings goal. Just reach out to us via the Contacts page. We’ll be back to share and explore with you various ASW webinars, tweet chats and Facebook events going on this week. Best of all, it is free. All it takes is a little motivation on your end to start saving!


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