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The Challenge

The other day Shaun asked me if I would be willing to cut his hair for him. Fed up with paying for a monthly haircut from the gals at the salon in town, he liked the idea of having his haircut here at our mountain home on Sierra Dorado Ranch… and in the process save time and money.

Thrilled about the prospect that he trusted me to cut his hair, I agreed to do it. Nonetheless, I was a little apprehensive about cutting Shaun’s hair. I had never cut a man’s hair before. I wanted him to look classic and polished -not a man who received a botched hair cut job from his wife!

How To Cut A Man’s Hair

So, I set out on the good old Google search to learn how to cut his hair properly with scissors and an electric razor. Of all the YouTube hair tutorials that I viewed online, I found Hair 101 with April to be the most comprehensive and feasible step-by-step process for what I was looking for. Check out her video on How To Cut Men’s Medium/Long Hair With Scissors! Her guided instructions gave me the confidence that I could cut Shaun’s hair -and do it well!

Armed with scissors, a towel, a water spray bottle and an electric razor, Shaun and I made our way out to the front deck of our home on that warm, breezy Fall afternoon and went right to work!

$ave Money DIY: How To Cut Your Man's Hair -The Newlyweds Addition


The Verdict

Operation-Cut-The-Hubby’s-Hair was a success! I’ve got a happy man who loves his new ‘do and I am a happy wife who has a clean cut man and in the process saved our family household $20 for the month. Hey, every little bit counts. The savings add up:

$20 Man’s Haircut x 12 Months (Cut Monthly) = $240 Annual Household Savings

Woohoo! Talk about brownie points for the wifey! Do you have any tips on ways to cut men’s hair? I would love to hear your suggestions on other helpful sites.

Speaking of haircuts- I’ve been experimenting with healthy, low-cost home DIY beauty remedies for myself to achieve thicker, fuller super-model glossy hair. I’ll keep you posted on the remedies that I am currently trying and their results.



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