Money Saving Trick: DIY Carpet Cleaning

Save Hundreds Of Dollars With This Great Money-Saving Trick: DIY Carpet Cleaning

I learned a great money-saving tip that I want to share with you. We moved into our home two years ago and boy, in that time our carpets sure did get pretty dirty. So, I decided to do my homework and shop around price comparing different carpet cleaning companies in our area. I was blown away by how pricey they were! $450?!? I’ll pass, thank you.

Roll Up Your Sleeves & Do It Yourself

Complaining to my friend Catie one evening about how expensive cleaning our carpets would be to clean, she recommended that I look into renting a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets myself. I’d never done that before, but figured, “Heck, it’s worth looking into.” I’m sure glad that I took her advice.

I google-searched and found a Rug Doctor center located inside the local Safeway grocery store not from our Ranch. For $30 I could rent the machine for 24 hours. For another $20, I had carpet cleaning solution. I was a little hesitant to use the machine but the directions for use were dummy-proof. Right on the machine were step-by-step images on how to operate it. BINGO!

I am pleased to say that our carpets look bright and new again. And my wallet, still feels nice and full thanks to this great money saving trick!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service: $450 – DIY Carpet Cleaning $50 = $400 SAVED!

That $400 saved in cleaning can go towards one of our more immediate goals: savings for our sailing trip to the Bahamas this winter! WIN!


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