How To Plan A Wedding In SIX Months On A Budget!

Over the next few months, we will be sharing with you the tips and tricks we are learning on how to bootstrap and plan a wedding in six months and on a budget!

Wedding Planning Lesson 1: Establishing A Timeline Of To-Do’s & A Budget

We are currently in the thick of wedding planning (and LOVING IT!!)! Our six months engagement period will be an enjoyable whirlwind of parties, family, friends and celebrations… and we are lapping it up! Shortly after Shaun proposed to me on March 10, 2016 we quickly took to determining a date for our engagement party and a date for our wedding. We decided that we would love to host the outdoor engagement party at our home, Sierra Dorado Ranch, here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on July 9th, 2016 -when the wildflowers will be in full bloom. We truly enjoy the long summer months in Northern California, so we decided that we would love to host the outdoor indian summer wedding out there at Chateau Summerset (Cassandra’s parents’ property) in the Gold/Wine Country. Following the old English rhyme “Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine.” -we will be married on September 24th, 2016! Woohoo!

Step 1: Establish The Wedding Budget

Pretty much since we started dating three years ago, we quickly got into the habit of saving jointly. Guess you could say that we had a hunch even then that we wanted to spend our lives together. You can read the quick and dirty version of our story here. Combined with our own personal savings, we’ve managed to establish a healthy budget of $20,000 for both the engagement party and wedding expenses. Budget established? Check.

Step 2: Create A Six Months To-Do Timeline

Blog writer ActuallyAshley and her fiancé are currently going through the same process as us: they are on a six months wedding timeline and doing it on a budget. We’ve found her six months to-do timeline to be of help to us. It is short, sweet and to-the-point. In this day of information overload (where everyone and their mother has a long-winded version of how to go about planning a wedding) we found her concise plan to be just what we needed to head off in the right direction with our engagement party and wedding preparations. Would like to share her great post with all of you.



We look forward to sharing with you the tips and tricks we are learning to throw a savvy engagement and luxurious, fun wedding for any budget size -be it $5,000 or $50,000. We’ll let you in on the secrets we are learning to get a big bang for our hard-earned bucks.


-Cassandra & Shaun



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