Home Design Money Saving Tip: Repurpose Old Frames From Goodwill

Save Money & Interior Decorate Your Home With This Awesome Home Design Tip:

Repurpose Old Frames From Goodwill

We’re not kidding.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”? Well, that most definitely applies to old picture frames. Repurpose and breath new life into them by displaying them on your walls at home.

Take it from someone who LOVES to interior decorate, but doesn’t want to spend all of her hard-earned dollars towards the interior design of her home (AKA: Moi)!

Shaun and I had a bunch of posters and pictures that I had wanted to put up since we moved into our home. Well, the months passed and I kept my eyes peeled for sales on picture frames from stores that I knew who carried them: Michael’s, Aaron Brothers, Walmart, Target, etc… I was disappointed to see that even the sale and clearance prices for frames was still beyond what I wanted to spend (considering the number of items I wanted framed).

I looked online to see if I could find better deals through discount websites but still came up empty handed.

One day while running errands in downtown, I decided to pop into the Goodwill store to peruse and see what they had in stock. And boy did I hit a goldmine! I found frames of all sizes, shapes and colors ranging from $3-$6 each! I was sold!


Home Design Money-Saving Tip Lesson:

Pay 1/10th The Price On Old Frames From Goodwill Than On New, Discounted/Clearance Frames!


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