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Cassandra & Shaun Are Engaged!

About The Founder

Hello and welcome. My name is Cassandra. I am a marketing professional with a passion for financial freedom. For many years, I worked in the financial industry -where I saw on a daily basis individuals young and old alike who lacked basic financial knowledge.

Around the world, there is a large gap between fine living and living on a budget. It is common knowledge that our millennial generation enjoys “living large” –and yet, are unable to accumulate wealth.

We are constantly fed to meet consumerism demands for clothing, cars, travel and where to live. Just take a look at the thousands of fashion websites, travel blogs and auto companies who promote living a certain “millennial lifestyle” that eats up all of our hard earned dollars. On the opposite spectrum we find companies, financial blogs and credit advisors who promote the need to save for your future. But, they present this material in such a dry, stodgy fashion.

As a volunteer financial education mentor and credit counselor, I know this first-hand. The financial materials out there are not presented in an easy-to-understand format that can be enjoyable for the average saver to want to follow. It is no wonder that so few millennials are willing to save what they make.

They live from paycheck to paycheck with the hopes that as they work their way up the corporate ladder, it will be then that they have a large enough income to begin saving.

“I will worry about saving for my retirement then.”

Unfortunately, that mindset will not change. Years down the line when your income has increased as predicted, you will also find that your living expenses have grown, as well. Savings begins NOW. And it doesn’t have to hurt. Nor do you need to live like a monk. Budgeting can be sexy. That perception just hasn’t been shown very well up to this point. I hope to change that.

Yes, you can take those vacations to the tropics and yes, you can enjoy evenings out in the city for dinner and drinks with friends. All you need is a basic understanding of a few key financial concepts. With those key concepts, you will see that you can enjoy the finer things in life without swallowing up your paycheck whole each month. Establishing the mindset that you can live a very full life while being savvy with your finances will feel good now and in the future.

I hope you will find the tips you seek to live a fulfilling life on a budget. And I hope you enjoy our little life moments that we share with you on this site along the way.

Life is short. So, live it.



About The Co-Founder

I am a PE-Licensed Mechanical Engineer who is a true dirt-bag at heart. My passion lies in designing & building all sorts of machines -particularly for climbing. Outside of work, I spend my time tinkering on new design projects and establishing new climbing routes on aesthetically gorgeous walls around the world. I work hard to play hard. And my wife Cassandra and I make sure that our finances allow me to continue to do so!



Interesting Facts About The Founders Cassandra & Shaun

-The New York Times featured their love story and wedding in the Sunday Vows column: The Gift of the Goat Sealed the Deal.

-When not jet-setting the world, they reside at Sierra Dorado Ranch in the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains.

-Cassandra is a fanatic Aviatrix and a FAA-Licensed Private Pilot. She LOVES FLYING! She is a contributing author to the monthly online magazine Aviatrix Aerogram.

-Shaun’s #1 outdoor passion: rock climbing. His newly acquired obsession: speer fishing.

-They love being outdoors: scuba diving, horseback riding, sailing, trap & skeet shooting… you name it.

-You can catch them out on the dance floor swing and salsa dancing!

-One of Cassandra’s little-known passions: writing and drawing children’s books. None are published, but her dream is to be a published children’s author. Know of a publisher? Please drop her a line! She is all ears.

-Shaun has been pro-sponsored by The North Face and established the new FA route “Unemployment Line” in Yosemite National Park. He is open to climbing-sponsorship opportunities. Please reach out to him via the Contacts page.

-Cassandra has professionally modeled for KleanKanteen and is always open to modeling opportunities. Please reach out to her via the Contacts page.

-Shaun has been interviewed on Radio 1190’s Climb Talk Hour.

-In her free time, Cassandra enjoys volunteering as a financial education mentor and credit counselor for organizations that include Operation HOPE & Junior Achievement.