From The Office Of AML

Luxury Living On A Budget

Years ago relaxing on a beach along the Mediterranean, I requested the waiter for a sparkling water. His reply to my request was: “Aye, MiLady.” Et voilà. The motto for a lifestyle was born.

Luxury is a perception. Each individual has their own definition for a luxurious life. But it is with the understanding that however we choose to define a luxurious life comes with the foundation of financial independence -the freedom to lead the lives we wish without financial constraints.

Our mission at AML (Aye MiLady) is to inspire men and women around the world that it is possible to lead lives of luxury -and to do so comfortably within your means. Being savvy with your finances neither needs to be difficult nor boring. By following the Aye MiLady motto, we hope that sharing our knowledge on how to be financially empowered and imparting our life moments with you, will be the inspiration to make those financial changes you seek to lead a luxurious life.


Founder of Aye MiLady